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The difference between wheel hub and brake drum

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The difference between wheel hub and brake drum

1. Different properties: The wheel hub is the rotating part of the wheel core connected with the inner profile wheel steel by the column. Brake drum is the friction couple of drum brake, except for the strength and stiffness required as a component.

2. Different devices: Except for various retarders, almost all automobile brakes are friction brakes that generate braking torque by using the friction between the working surface of fixed components and rotating components. The rim is fitted to the tire to support the wheel portion of the tire.

3. Different composition: Hub width is also known as J value. Hub width directly affects the choice of tire. Brake drums are cast in whole from high strength grey cast iron or alloy cast iron containing Cr.



1. When the temperature of the hub is high, let it cool naturally before cleaning, never use cold water to clean; Otherwise, the aluminum alloy wheel hub will be damaged, and even make the brake disc deformation and affect the braking effect. In addition, at high temperature with a cleaner to clean aluminum platform gold hub, hub surface chemical reaction will occur, tarnished, affect the appearance.

2, when the wheel hub with difficult to remove the tar, if the general cleaner is of no help, can try to clean the brush, but do not use a hard brush, especially iron brush, so as not to damage the surface of the wheel hub.

3, if found a deep scar on the hub, and must observe whether the metal surface is exposed, if you can not see the metal surface will not rust, you can concentrate on the paint. Apply the tip bit by bit and let the paint dry completely. If you find metal exposed, it's easy to replace.

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