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What are the categories of brake drums

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What are the categories of brake drums

Brake drum is the friction couple of drum brake, in addition to the strength and stiffness required as a component, there should be as high and stable friction coefficient as possible, and appropriate wear resistance, heat resistance, heat dissipation and heat capacity.

The basic shape of the brake drum is a drum with a connection hole on the mounting surface.

According to the different manufacturing methods, the brake drum structure mainly has the following three kinds:

1. Monolithic casting

Brake drums are cast in whole from high strength grey cast iron or alloy cast iron containing Cr. The brake drum is simple in structure, convenient in processing, large in heat capacity, but large in mass.

2. Combined steel plate and cast iron

Brake drum is composed of steel plate stamping drum disc and cast iron drum ring.

Combination of light alloy and cast iron

The brake drum is made of light alloy (such as aluminum alloy) with cast iron lining. The brake drum is not only of small mass, but also of good heat dissipation, which is used in cars.

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